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"Rarely have I found the perfect alignment of dreamy lyrics, masterful music, and seasoned musicians, that I have found in Slim Chance & The Gamblers. They came to me on a beam of synchronicity. With them, I have that rare tonal vehicle to musically magic carpet me to the real Jersey shore and beyond to specific colors in the rainbow." Calvin Schwartz, NJ Discover TV July, 2012

Calvin Schwartz - NJ Discover

“Wow! Where do I start?! One of the cool things I’ve always liked about writing for Jersey Beat is the music, and the journey it can take you on. You can go from finding a new, unheard of band that will take you on a musical journey from the bands album, to their show, to an interview, and all the things you discover along the way, the friends you make, the roots and branches that lead you to even more music, is incredible! Especially when your family and friends can share it all with you- and let’s not forget the good karma and the amazing mojo!

Well, after listening Slim Chance and The Gamblers first self-titled album, it’s all that I mentioned and so much more! Slim Chance (aka Mario Casella, he also wrote the lions share of these 12 originals), has the kind of world-weary voice that is full of passion, hope, and real-deal blues. The leadoff track “The Power,” envelops all those emotions, as Slim and the band take us on realistic trip though the blues- actually life- with lines like, “Time after time, it’s medicine for madness... sugar for sugar, salt for salt/ If I go down in the flood it’s gonna be my own fault...blues power gonna set me free!” The song has a rockin’ blues/gospel feel, without being preachy. - And that’s just the first song! ”

You should be “ALL IN” for Slim Chance and The Gamblers new album! Check their website to check out one of their shows.

Phil Rainone - Jersey Beat

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